Connected, 2017


After working with clay in India during an art residency in 2016, I created a large installation, which is about the people I met during my trip. I was aware before going to the country that visually, it would be inspiring, but I did not contemplate being overwhelmed by the tight knit communities that India had, and to be welcomed greatly into the communities so much that I came home with life long friends. I felt connected to the people around me, even with language barriers with some people. Through body language we could communicate.

Connected started with the idea of people and communities being linked together, highlighting the importance of interpersonal relationships. The installation has 400+ sculptures suspended on clear wire, giving the illusion that the objects are floating. Each individual sculpture is unique, made using foam, plastic and resin. Some are painted with UV paint, and glow in the dark. This work has been installed in both a gallery space and an outdoor festival, Electric Picnic.

Connected, 2016, clay, plastic, foam, latex, elastic wire, 10 metres x8 metres.jpg
Connected installation 2016.jpg